What killed TB Joshua?


Rev Yalley breaks down what kills men of God and reveals what killed Prophet TB Joshua

The increased rate at which men of God are losing their lives has dawned on many. 

Despite the numerous allegations and rumours from all parts of the world in an attempt to explain what the cause of their death could be, the death of the renowned Man of God, TB Joshua came as a shock to the entire world, most especially the Christian fraternity. 

Despite the numerous arguments about the cause of the death of the renowned Man of God, his fellow, Rev. F.D Yalley, the General Overseer and Founder of Bridge Ministry International situated at Awoshie a suburb of Accra has deduced the cause of the sudden death of the man of God. 

In his recent teaching dubbed “Don’t Kill Your Pastor” with principal scripture Ezekiel chapter 22 verse 30, explained that in the time of the prophet Eli, when Eli was about to die, God revealed it to Samuel in 1Samuel chapter 3, showing the various reasons why Eli would die. 

In his teaching, the Reverend made it known that God will never do anything until He has revealed to his servants, in order words, sometimes the man of God might know or the people around him might know.  

Stressing on the fact that Churches of today have become a place where people have a  “give me” mentality, where everybody is praying for him or herself and hence nobody cares to pray for the pastor, as a result of this, the only person in the church who prays for people is the Pastor. 

The man of God explained further how Pastors carry the burdens of church members yet they are left alone to carry their burdens in addition to that of the church members’. 

He explained further with the case of Peter when he was arrested and chose to die, while in prison, he slept instead of praying which was evident enough that there comes a time in the life of men of God that they get tired of life and want to leave. 

Reading further, it could be discovered that the church stood in to pray for Peter, whiles he was fed up and couldn’t pray in prison.

According to the General Overseer, there comes a time when God reveals the heavenly realm to men of God, revealing to them the glory that awaits them in Heaven according to their deeds on Earth, and that alone can make a man of God happy to leave this world to go and rest. 

Rev Francis Duane Yalley also emphasized the fact that most church members wail when a man of God passes on not because they are sad about his departure but rather because they are worried about the things they will be deprived of now that the man is no more, not that they want the man alive, yet none of these beneficiaries even stood to pray or fast for the man of God.

He went further to explain that most men of God who have encountered God do not fear death especially when they feel their assignment on earth is done and that was why Peter after seeing his master Jesus die on the cross was not scared of dying. 

Again, he elaborated the fact that many criticize men of God who die early, yet their master Jesus Christ died at the age of 33 and a half, he again added that as men of God, most times they have to go through a lot because they have chosen to offer themselves as sacrifices for the success and deliverance of souls. 

He also revealed that, many men of God have longevity in ministry because they have personal intercessors that intercede for them all day and night. 

In his teaching, he stated, “anytime a man of God decides to help you, you can be a channel God or Satan can use to inform. ” “Every great man of God has one way or the other desired death” 

To add more flesh to this, he spoke about the scenario of Moses who told God he wanted to die because the burden of ministry was too much for him, and God asked him to raise seventy(70) men to share the burden with him  which is evident in Exodus chapter 18 verse 17-18

He made it clear that when ministry expands, the likelihood that your Pastor could die early is big.

For further insights into his teaching click on the link below. Don’t kill your Pastor.

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