Attorney General must resign now or be sacked

Attorney General must resign now or be sacked

As matter of urgency and with immediate effect, the Attorney General of Ghana, Godfred Yeboah Dame must abdicate his position and be prosecuted for negligence and causing a financial loss of a whopping US$170 million to state as damages awarded to Ghana Power Generation Company.

Godfred Yeboah Dame has no defence whatsoever as Deputy to the former Attorney General Madam Gloria Afua Akuffo and a key team element that initiated the challenge to the claims of the GPGC. And subsequently succeeded her to become the substantive and current Attorney General of Ghana. He comprehends the magnitude of the case and that which the state risk losing to the claimant, yet he went sleeping on the job, gave no significance to the grave issue at hand. But that is not what the state pays him with our taxpayer’s money for.

The justification for the delay to represent the state by Godfred Yeboah Dame and his team was considered as intrinsically weak by Mr Justice Butcher of the London Court.

Now you look at the reasons Ghana’s defence gave and you realize they are not just weak intrinsically but laughable as well, especially considering that the state is challenging damages award worth over US$134 million in favour of Ghana Power Generation Company.

To indicate that because of national elections and the Covid-19 pandemic a whole Ghana Attorney General’s Department couldn’t put up a counsel of defense to save Ghana from this judgment debt that could have been avoided is baffling. Ghana should have opened its defence within 28 days as by the law. They rather ask for an extension which was considered and granted.

Only for our Attorney General Department to sleep on the job, thinking they can ask for a further extension from the London Court. They rely on a second extension, but it was not conferred by the court saying Ghana’s defense is giving unreasonable excuses.

You wonder if Godfred Dame was thinking he was dealing with Ghana where he can have his ways. Unfortunately, he is dealing with the London Court.

H.E the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo must SACK the Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame for causing financial loss to the state in a rather effortless fashion. It was a total giveaway by the Attorney General, completely unbelievable.

One can easily say it was a deliberate plan to rip off Ghana as usual of Akufo Addo’s government. With some key elements getting their cuts to let go of the defence.

The president must redeem himself and his government by acting swiftly to sack the Attorney General now!

This is what the fix the country is all about, solving issues, making things right for the betterment of the country, its citizens, and the forthcoming generations. #FixTheCountry

Author: Faisal Mutaru Bapure

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