On June 4th Revolution: A Day for the youth to wake up from slumber and fix the country

On June 4th Revolution: A Day for the youth to wake up from slumber and fix the country

Decades from now when the younger generation asks where I was when the country was run aground? I shall not say I stood by and watched. I shall say I fought with the last pint of my blood, the oppressors rule.

In this part of our world, Politics is young men dying and old men enjoying. Men indeed are wretched things without conscience.

It is important we must realise that when young people refuse to stand for what’s right and noble, they will be used by the few greedy and selfish to achieve evil agendas like the “Agyapa Deal”, (mortgaging Ghana’s Gold resources to the highest bidder) being pushed down our throats.

Leaders are a reflection of the people. We the people are the reason we are where we are today. We can also change that any day. Remember that the success of a leader is contingent on the quality of his followers. In the same breath, the quality of the followers determines the success of the leader. Nothing lives in isolation.

It’s a collective duty to remind our leaders to be productive with our taxes and be accountable for the same. We must remind them not to abuse the power we have given them to hold in trust. We must remind them that they are servants and not kings, and we must remind them that we will not sit aloof and watch them mortgage our future for their manifest cravings.

Thus, we must rise above all else to demand the right things be done. We fought slavery and colonialism. We are fighting Neo-colonialism and ethnic bigotry. Bad leadership should not be too difficult to fight. There are enough educated, competent, right-thinking Ghanaians to allow for the decay we are witnessing in Ghana today.

Today, inflation is over 23% in 18 years chasing 40% by the close of the year 2022. Where are the moral men of conscience and the economic wizkids and messiahs? Depravity of thoughts in itself is insanity. Men who follow blindly without thought or conscience are insane.

Shall we continue to be Hypocrites just because our party is in power? Must we build a house for God while we are hungry? Must we continue to sleep in our flooded houses while they share Achimota Forest and state lands? Must we continue to cry for roads and fertilizers just to feed the nation? And shall I not talk and keep mute and suffer in silence because I will offend some big man? When all is said and done and the tables turn let’s see the Hypocrites rare their ugly heads.

May God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

Author: Bukari Kuoru | Leadership Expert & Political analyst. Email: [email protected]

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