(Video) What Is The Best Form Of Investment? – REV FD YALLEY

Rev FD Yalley

The Pillar and General Overseer, Rev Francis Duane Yalley of Bridge Ministry International at Anyaa-Awoshie has been a real influence on the lives of several believers through his daily teachings, counsel, and advice among others.

The diligent man of God who has touched so many lives in this season of Christianity has given the key to utmost rest and greatness in his teaching dubbed “BUILDING PEOPLE”.

There is no doubt of the fact that anytime the term “INVESTMENT” is used, the usual things that come into mind include buildings, lands, cars, and others.

However, the man of God has drawn our attention to the greatest form of investment we have never taken into consideration.

In this teaching, he made it known to us that the greatest form of investment one could ever think of is to identify people with potentials and build them. He stressed that anytime you invest in people, they never find it difficult to give to you.

Adding to his explanations, he made emphasis on the fact that if Saul had built David, he would have lived longer.

Acknowledging the fact that human beings are naturally ungrateful, he cautioned believers not to use that as a yardstick to stop building or investing in people because one person’s gratefulness can undo all ungratefulness.

Using the story of Joseph as an example, he revealed that even though Jacob had 12 sons, it took only Joseph to change the situation of the family hence one person can make the change that is worth it if even others close their eyes to the good doing them.

He also added that as humans as we are, for one to be able to rest, he or she needs to create a duplicate of him or herself. That was the reason why God after creating everything using five (5) days, created Adam and Eve in His image to do what He does so He (God) could rest on the seventh day.

He also emphasized that resting in this context does not mean one should sleep and idle about, because if one chooses not to use his or her energy during the youthful days to work, he or she might end up working even in old age when there is no energy for that.

Using Matt 28:19 as a central scripture, he emphasized the fact that Jesus asked His disciples to go into the world to make disciples of all nations because anytime one succeeds alone there is trouble.

In this same context, he revealed that anytime one succeeds alone in his family, the pressure mounted on such a person is great as he or she has to be the only one satisfying the needs of everybody. However, building others helps reduce such pressure.

The renowned man of God ended his teachings with a powerful quote which reads “any success that cannot be duplicated is not real success.”  

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Source: Naomi Martey


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