Civil Society Organizations Must Contribute To Discussions Aimed At Fighting Galamsey

rivers destroyed by illegal mining

Ghana’s quest to reduce illegal mining activities to the barest minimum has been boosted by the appointment of Samuel Abu Jinapor as the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources.

The young, vibrant and energetic minister has served notice to all and sundry that he is prepared to wage a battle against galamsey since its destructive activities to the environment and our very existence cannot be underestimated.

To soften the devastating effects inflicted on our environment in particular and lives in general, Hon. Samuel Jinpor put up a forum which sampled views from participants. His efforts are laudable but all must join in this crusade.

Civil Society Organizations, across the globe, play pivotal roles in the socio-economic developments of the countries in which they operate. Many of the CSOs in Ghana have, over the years, helped in shaping our society in so many ways.

illegal mining that threatens a GRIDCo high tension pool
This GRIDCo High Tension Mask is threatened by the activities of illegal miners

The problem-solving skills of our CSOs have been tapped into on many occasions in the country. The likes of CDD, OccupyGhana, IMANI Africa, ASEPA, ISODEC, ACEP, IEA, CMAC, CSPOG, NRGI, and others, must not concentrate their advocacies and activities on only good governance structures but this fight for our survival.

Our CSOs must channel their energies into helping find a lasting solution to this cancerous tumor. Just like they have been doing over the years in coming up with ideas and policy documents on key programs of the Government of Ghana, CSOs in the country must be heard on this topic.

A river left useless by illegal mining activities
A river left useless by illegal mining activities

The country needs a blueprint in dealing with this illegal mining conundrum. CSOs must get both the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress to a roundtable discussion on this matter.

These two parties, with the supervision of our CSOs, must sign a pact that would prevent any of them to capture in their manifestoes a promise to those in these illegal mining activities a comeback should they vote for them.

Until both parties sign this pact, all the efforts being made, all the policies being ideated, all the fora being held with the ultimate aim of helping curb galamsey would come to nought.

This, in my considered opinion, ought to be one of the useful assignments our CSOs can embark upon. We all risk being affected by the ills that are associated with galamsey.

The continuous existence of CSOs depends upon their actions today. Life would be worth living if we all take it upon ourselves to contribute our quota to help fight galamsey ruthlessly now!

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