Would You Break Your Fast For Thousand Dollars?

iPhone 12 Promax

If you believe, what is your religion and ow strong is your faithfulness to your God?

Well over a period, social media has been fluxed with skits, pranks and experiment of all kinds to mainly entertain, educate and confirm or debunk notions or just for the fun of doing them.

A YouTuber called Ayo got me hooked after watching an experiment on the streets of Europe with the question, “Will you marry a Muslim, if no or yes why?” 

The number of yes and unopposed to give a try was very encouraging. It was mixed feelings for me with the different responses but generally, very appreciating to see people with less misconception and doubts about Islam. This video sparked the need to watch more of or related videos and chanced upon a recent very interesting one. 

Released just days ago and now trending is a social experiment video to test how devout Muslims are to their fast. Indeed it is a thing of pride to see how steadfast and spiritually strong enough those tasked were to resist breaking their fast with bottled water as bait for iPhone 12 Promax.

I mean how difficult must it be to have a stranger walk up to you with such an offer of an iPhone and then her disguised ‘partner in crime’ comes along ready to take the bait? What would you have done differently or not? Can’t you just wait till it’s time to break the fast? Okay, just hand over the phone anyway.

That was days ago. Now hours earlier surfaces another video with an almost similar approach from the camp of Karim Jovian. Instead of an iPhone, this time it is, you break your fast and get one thousand dollars. The outcome was not so different from the first though but would you have done it?

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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