Are You Running Away From Marriage Because Of This? – Rev FD Yalley

Rev Francis Duane Yalley

Rev Francis Duane Yalley, Founder and General Overseer Of Bridge Ministry International has admonished the youth to seek God if they want stable marriages.

The man of God who has impacted the lives of many with his high level of wisdom and intellect seeks to correct the wrong perception of marriage in his recent video dubbed “OLD WIVES FABLES”.

According to him, the main idea for marriage has been twisted in this era, thus people have lost focus on why marriage was instituted in the first place. He revealed that the first being to consult when it comes to the issues of marriage is God.

Referencing 1 Timothy 4:3-7 as his principal scripture, he explained further where all these wrong ideologies about marriage were derived from. 

He said this is the time we find ourselves with so many people out there with no intentions of getting married. He blamed that attitude for the increase in “Sugar mummy and Sugar Daddy” kind of relationships. He added that celebrity marriages among others often break down because they are not instituted by God. 

He also stressed the fact that due to these misconceptions people have about marriage now, most people get married and don’t get fully involved. They go into it with one leg out just in case of any uncertainty which is of no doubt a contributor to the increase in divorce cases.

Again, he elaborated on the fact that due to wrong ideologies, most youths are not interested in marriage. Young men just plan on how to get a woman, take in sex boasters that would make them strong in bed, and after that pleasure, they leave the women to chase after them.

Source: Naomi Martey


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