We won’t just watch you collude with NPP to rig 2024 elections – NDC warns EC

We won’t just watch you collude with NPP to rig 2024 elections – NDC warns EC

Plans by the Electoral Commission of Ghana of making the Ghana card the sole document for the upcoming limited voter registration exercise has sparked some reaction from the opposition  National Democratic Congress.

It has subsequently dissociated itself from any said agreement, the EC claims to have had with the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) and civil society organizations that led to such a decision.

The party unequivocally stated its position on the matter stating that “The NDC will fully apprise the general public of the implications of the statements made by the Electoral Commission in the coming days on this absurd and unreasonable decision of the EC”.

Also, the party indicated that it does not support any move by the EC which seeks to restrict access to the electoral register and also disenfranchise qualified citizens in the process.

“In the meantime, the party wishes to use this opportunity to remind the Electoral Commission that under Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution, every Ghanaian of eighteen years and above and of sound mind is entitled to register as a voter for elections. This right to register and exercise one’s franchise is an inalienable right that should not be denied citizens who qualify to exercise same.”

“Article 45(e) of the Constitution enjoins the Electoral Commission to undertake programmes for the expansion of the registration of voters.”

The party then stated its resolve not to just sit back and allow “the NPP government to collude with Electoral Commission to rig the 2024 elections and inflict more pain and hardships on them”.

It then warned the EC of its mandate and the need to be guided by its actions and inactions since those will have director implications on the jealously guarded peace and security of the country. 

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