You can’t make vaccines mandatory if stimulus wasn’t

President Akufo-Addo

Wonder’s of selective enforcement is all you can get under Akufo Addo’s governance amid a covid-19 pandemic. For a government considering to make covid-19 vaccination, mandatory is completely injustice against human rights and we won’t accept anything like that.

Especially with lots of proves, that indicates the vaccines are not fit for purpose. Also, many other conspiracy theories around the covid-19 vaccine which could be true have generated apprehension among the citizenry. The vaccines are supposed to protect people who are vaccinated from getting the disease, and even if they get infected should boost their system to fight the virus and also prevent death and spread.

But that is far from the case as there is evidence that proves people who are vaccinated were highly affected by the disease and many are dying even as they took shots of the vaccines. There were issues with the procurement by the health minister and the finance minister. If procurement can go wrong the vaccines can as well be mistaken.

Conspicuously the efficacy of the covid-19 vaccines is highly sceptical. Locally, in our neighbourhood, we see many side effects including death as alleged that a student who went for the vaccine came back to his room lay on his bed and died. We are not sure if the vaccines have all the approvals required to grant us surety and assurances. Who do we hold responsible if something goes wrong?

We are not told all of these and we are going to be subjected to compulsory vaccination as if we are some lab animals. Just because someone wants to show their powers as the authority.

Now, this is the problem. IF YOU COULDN’T MAKE COVID-19 STIMULUS PACKAGE MANDATORY, you can not as well make the vaccines mandatory. The people that were selected based on NPP card bearing for the stimulus should take the vaccines all just like they share the money among themselves. We are still alive by Allah’s will, Ghana is safe from coronavirus and will continue to be safe in sha Allah.

If vaccine should be mandatory, let’s start with the stimulus package and make it mandatory. You can’t give a person medicine without food in their stomach.

By: Faisal Mutaru Bapure


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