Manacles of Segregation

Manacles of Segregation

It’s almost become a norm in this old tired world. People everywhere trying to find where they belong and a more convenient place or home. Others are exasperatingly pushing to fit into places and people they don’t fit in or are not accepted. So they try all they could and it is not working and they are using the media of education and legislation to get what they want. We always seem to forget or maybe we don’t know or we chose to ignore that legislation does not speak to the heart. It only threatens and warns about the consequences of our actions.

The European thinks the African is inferior to him and the African has been struggling since God knows when to prove otherwise and attain independence. The Emancipation Proclamation Act was signed more than seven score years ago but the ships are no longer transporting the people abroad. The ship is now our ‘economy” and the pirates are our leaders who are to be our navigators. Their cabin boys are members of their political parties.

Read the testimonies of how some of these slaves were caught may be unawares by the slave masters and even more surprisingly their family members and you will see a pattern or a similarity between it and the strategy our political parties deploy these days. The only difference now is we are accepting this; we are those that chose our slave masters today. The cabin boys when are sent to represent their people and submit their petitions are given candy and a lollipop to keep their mouths watering and busy. That by the time it finishes the discussion would’ve been over.
Come to Africa and you will find that segregation is still much a great deal. We hear of the wars and the hate is just heart rendering.

To Ghana my beloved country. There is always the debate of human class distinction and ethnocentric syndrome. The southerners consider themselves better and ahead of the northerners, and the reverse holds true, sometimes.
Think about it anytime you say you are from the North expressions such as you don’t look like a northerner, and you can do this or that comes up. These are not compliments. They are demeaning. Sometimes I think to myself the North is the Africa of our country.

We are often identified with poverty, war, primitivism, hate and so on and so forth. How people from other regions are busy refusing to marry a northerner and the beautiful young northern sisters are vowing never to marry men from the land where their ancestors’ umbilical cord was buried. What witchery is this? I mostly find myself asking.

It is beautiful how there are different languages and tongues in the North. This diversity should be our strength and beauty yet it has become the sweltering deep valley of segregation among us. We see the person of the other tongue as an enemy rather than a friend or brother. Dig deep and you will find out that these people factions of war or enemies trace their ancestry to a common person. Why all these?

Why are we always looking for a difference between us which is difficult to see but we ignore the glaringly obvious similarities. We have tired our own hands with fetters of separation and animosity. We continue to send all forms of opportunities and development away because of our lack of agreement. Yet we cry every day as if we don’t know where and why all these are happening.

I sat and observed and realized that it is because we’ve either sent the God of love away from our lives or we are doing what we like and calling it His will.
Love has been misconstrued. It is reduced or should say changed to this sensual appetite for sex and dating. Money giving, snapping pictures with people we claim to love.

If we could but trace our steps back to Christ the prince of peace, the Love personified, the unifier, things will be easier. Alas, we have even driven Him from our country. Even His own church seek to send Him out. We pass laws and bills that just want to leave the creator out of His creation. What are we doing to ourselves? It is going to be a disaster if we think we can live together in this world with God. We can’t. The common denominator among all in this world is God and He’s has sent His Son so that we may be saved and unified. Have you started your journey towards Him? If no, start today.

God loves you
And He’s waiting to receive you through Jesus

Author: Patrick Asaah

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