Blame him for the ritual killings

Blame him for the ritual killings

Leadership is a very momentous role, accordingly, all those in positions of leadership must endeavour not to emulate the kind of leadership shameful being exhibited by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo Addo.

His leadership has nothing to write home about, from his era of flag bearer to the presidency. Too many unfortunate acts by Akufo Addo is why Ghana is now like other countries where people are being killed on daily basis.

Presumably, about 70%  of the killings that are being perpetuated in Ghana under Akufo Addo are directly or indirectly spiritual killings. Just as the saying goes “leaders are role models” this is undoubtedly the reality.

Followers of leaders take a cue from what they see their leaders do, as they admire them as an icon. As there is that belief that duplicating them can make you become like them.

We were in this country when the then flag bearer of NPP, now President H.E Akufo Addo. Performed voodoo or Juju in public, with the intention that the spiritual exercises he was doing were going to make him a president.

He was giving a juju cow horn as his protection and his good luck to become president. He carried a spiritual chair everywhere he goes.

This I believe may have influenced the youth of today greatly, thinking that without juju or spiritual ways and means. One can not achieve his goals and aspirations hence the astronomical rise in spiritual killings.

Again the prevailing hardship exposed to Ghanaians since 2017 when Akufo Addo became president. The closure of Ghanaian own businesses, banks, media houses, etc, was a source of employment for millions of our Ghanaians during H.E John Dramani Mahama.

Many Ghanaians have been released from their jobs, sitting home and have no means to feed themselves let alone their families. The president and NPP have quadrupled the size of unemployment under just 5 years.

The evidence is so glaring because when we use to say “I am unemployed” and feel odd as well as people see you as lazy is gone.  Now it has become “we are unemployed” and is so familiar among the citizenry across the country and no one blames you for being lazy.

It’s not odd today to be unemployed, and everyone comprehends you because they are all unemployed as well. And have all seen how hopelessly incompetent the President and his dangerous NPP party is destroying this country.

To make matters worse, the government of Akufo Addo allowed Television operators to advertise spiritual help of making money on tv. This was easy to lure the millions of unemployed Ghanaians including minors to seek help from these criminals. Who demands the human part for their demonic sacrifices, hence the surge for human killings and human kidnappings.

Ghanaians must demand change from these new ways that are un-Ghanaian. We must all join hands to remove the NPP from power come 2024 if we love Ghana. God help Ghana and save it from the hands of destruction it is now.

Ghana must work again like it was before 2017, Ghanaians deserve better.

Author: Faisal Mutaru Bapure

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