Bawumia’s ignorance on digitization

Faisal Mutaru Bapure

The brag and pride of digitization by the vice president of Ghana H.E Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is very absurd and disgraceful showmanship of the total greenness of the I.T world. I try to understand him considering the generation he comes from in this digitization (IT world.)

It is quite disturbing to accept the ineptitude of the head of the economic team of a country like Ghana dependent on the so-called digitization to grow an economy. Especially when the vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia alluded to the E-ticketing of a football match between the Ghana and Nigeria world cup qualifier. A football match that happens once in four years.

This alone is worthy of weeping in a shame that your country is cursed with such a myopic thinker as the head of your country’s economic team. One can now comprehend that we are doomed as a nation.

Even the almighty  Britain that plays football all week round throughout the year, with a stadium filled with full capacity for each match has not considered the football sector as to where they make revenue. The sectors that contribute most to the U.K.’s GDP are services, manufacturing, construction, and tourism.

How does E-ticketing help our economy when we all know the revenue that is accrued from the football business goes to the Ghana Football Association( GFA) not the government. I found this whole digitization agenda as gibberish about the growth of the economy.

Now the reality of digitisation that Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is completely ignorant of is that it is the most vulnerable system as compared to manual. This is the thing, a system that is run manually is safer because it passes through myriad protocols to get to the central point. Each protocol is a check on the other and is very traceable with hard copy documents signed. And even if anyone wants to beat the system it will be very minimal in size and quantum. Look five hundred million dollars or cedis can not be lost without tracks from the Bank of Ghana in a manual system.

Digital system on the other hand is just faster, and more convenient. However, it is the easiest way hence the best way to steal and beat a system unnoticed. And all tracks can be deleted without any traces whatsoever. Now the certainty is that the NPP, Akufo Addo/ Bawumia government knows this fact hence rushing to the so-called digitizing of the economy. So they can steal just as they have been doing since 7th January 2017 when they, unfortunately, assumed power.

How do you thrive in an economy without producing, rendering services, constructing, and making your tourism sector attractive? Even your agric sector is agonizing from the same super incompetence that has been the reality of this vicious government of NPP.

Digitization is never the ideal way to prevent corruption as the vice president touted, instead it is the easiest and safer way for an individual to steal a huge sum of money or any form of corruption without any stress since you don’t need to compromise others to be able to affect your ill plan. One just needs the know-how and the system is broken already conveniently.

By: Faisal Mutaru Bapure

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