Illegal Mining: EU boss backs burning of seized excavators


It is better to burn confiscated excavators than allow them to be used for illegal mining again – Diane Acconcia

EU representative to Ghana - Diane Acconcia

The Head of the European Union (EU) delegation in Ghana, Diane Acconcia, has backed the government’s efforts in fighting illegal mining (galamsey) and sees nothing wrong with the burning of excavators. 

According to her, it is better to burn equipment from illegal miners rather than having confiscated excavators disappear and be used for illegal activities again.

Commenting on the destruction of such equipment by a task force constituted by the government, Ms Acconcia said, “these excavators were burnt because they were performing illegal activities. So, I am not shocked by the fact that instruments of illegal activity were seized and burnt.”

“I don’t see why there should be a scandal and yes, it is the livelihood of people, but they were illegal livelihood, and they were unsustainable livelihood,” she emphasised.

“So, if your livelihood is destroying the environment then what is going to be there for your children,” she quizzed.

For her, “it is better to burn them. I think a couple of years ago they disappeared…it’s better to burn them than to be used for illegal mining”.

She emphasised that by engaging in illegal acts, the natural resources of the country are being destroyed, thereby jeopardizing its usefulness to future generations.

She made these comments during an interview on Accra based Asaase radio on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, monitored by

By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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