We are Sick As A Country And Most Of The Workers Are Thieves – Kennedy Agyapong


Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has expressed his dissatisfaction with the economy of Ghana. 

During the Hot Seat Show on Neat 2 TV on Tuesday 16th March 2021, the honourable member of parliament said that he is very inquisitive and also gets sad easily because of how Ghanaians handle things in the country.

He said “I am very very inquisitive and I easily get sad. I am saying this in reference to a Chinese Company by the name Santoo Ceramics and upon seeing how massive they were working, I asked myself “what is wrong with Ghanaians?”.

Using the Saltpond Ceramics Factory as an example, he asked the number of years that it took Ghana to realize it has raw materials that can be used for ceramics.

“Because of successive coup d’etat Ghana has lost all its good things and today Ghanaians are comfortable taking their money outside the country to buy properties and enjoy life rather than investing in industries,” he emphasized.

He cautioned that we should encourage Ghanaians to own their own businesses and stop the inferiority complex.

Having said this, he also stated that Ghanaians have put at the back of their minds that anything Ghana is not good. Referring to Ghana as a sick country, he advised that Ghanaians change their mindset and the way of thinking.

He also referred to anyone who doesn’t encourage his fellow but rather looks for others’ downfall as Satan.

Adding, “some of our cultures, we need to change them because looking at rich countries, they find solutions to problems and later it brings them money. They don’t find money first before they find a solution to problems”.

“We have to identify our problems and solve them. And by solving our problems, Ghana, we will take our destiny into our own hands. Ghana will then be a full developed country,” he added.

He identified three things according to him Ghana needs. The Government and the banks, the employers and finally the employees. “These three areas, we need to educate ourselves, conscientise ourselves about the basics that this is the way we are going to lay this country. 

Mr Kennedy noted that Ghanaians should be taught to believe in themselves that they can make what any white man has done, with determination, the sky will be the limit.

By: Clement Annor | Active TV Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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