Leave ‘My Babe’ Else I Open Fire For You -Countryman Songo Fights For Serwaa Amihere

Countryman Songo

Ace Sports Journalist Countryman Songo has revealed his intentions to fight for the renowned female Journalist Serwaa Amihere.

Serwaa Amiherewho has on a number of occasions being on the receiving end of trolls and attacks has gotten a someone to do the fighting for her. And that person does not just make up the numbers but comes with fire.

Following the rampant accusations and attacks through social media, Songo feels hurt about it. He doesn’t agree with the reasons for the attacks and trolls as he believes it doesn’t promote her career.

In a video shared on Twitter by Serwaa, the sports journalist could be heard lambasting her detractors and accusing them of trying to bring her down.

Songo believes this act could go a long way to tarnish the hard-earned name of the journalist. He is thus urging for it to be put to an end immediately.

In his quest to end that as quickly as he can, he has risen to fight on behalf of Serwaa Amihere. On one of his recent “Fire For Fire”, he sounded a note of warning to all involved while asking them to end it else he will open fire on them himself. He attribute the actions of Serwaa’s detractors to envy.

The wait is on, let’s see hwo will dare the fireman and cross his lane by touching his “baby girl”. We just hope the GNFS will be ready to douse the fire when he opens it to defend his ‘babe’.

Source: Naomi Martey



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