All hope is lost for Ghana

Faisal Mutaru

Hon. Faisal Mutaru accused the government of Ghana led by Akufo Addo and the NPP, saying the country lost all hope under the watch of the NPP.

He narrated the following…..

It is almost impossible to believe we are still in Ghana, the cost of living is causing apprehension in the country. The citizens fear it might trigger an uprising that may unstabilize the country. What makes it scary is the conspicuous cluelessness of solutions to salvage the country from its sinking status.

It’s unbelievable to note that even at this current degree of suffering the citizens of Ghana. H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP government are rather pulling down houses of already suffering Ghanaians to make needless road expansion on the Ofankor-Nsawam road. And this is happening in the current rains that have been linked to climate change causing rains to fall in seasons you don’t expect to see such rains.

Sadly the affected masses whose houses got pulled down were not compensated and were not acquainted adequately. Victims cried that only a few weeks, and in some cases, a few days’ notice were given to them. People were forced to evacuate their houses and rooms for their lives as excavators smashed houses, which may endanger their lives.

Most of the victims were stranded and heavily affected with nowhere to go, while the heavy downpour also descended on them and their belongings. Many run to their assembly members and MCEs for support that never materialized. The most affected people are women and children who were engulfed in this situation of a misplaced priority of an unfortunate NPP government.

How does road expansion save the current suffering of Ghanaians? When government does not feel, and, appreciate the suffering it subjected its people to. Then you can call that a bitter lesson of leadership as warned by Dr Nyarho Tamakloe and others. At this juncture, Ghana should be investing in what we import to cut down the quantum of dollars demanded by importers and not roads that are already in good shape.

This and many more are why it can not be true that our current situation is entirely a result of the global phenomenon. Wickedness and shambolic leadership, coupled with cluelessness and deliberate strategy to drain the country and to enrich few family and friends of the President. Inflation is at an all-time high of about 39% plus and, it’s killing the country, yet road expansion is what was prioritized.

Now if you have a leader misbehaving as Akufo Addo is doing, you can not have hope. Just today petrol is ¢81 and diesel is ¢105. So there can not be any hope under Akufo Addo and NPP. Ghanaians have realized there can not be any hope under a hopeless leader who is egocentric, arrogant and at the same time, lacks credibility and he is super corrupt. How did these people get to the presidency after the damage President Kuffour did to Ghana?

I know the good people of Ghana will do well to salvage our country from these criminals in government. And only then, hopes will return to our once-upon-a-time wonderful and sweet country. Long live Ghana.

Author: Hon. Faisal Mutaru

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