Change the face of our government


Mr. President, I am not an economist, a financial expert nor a soothsayer but I can confidently tell you your legacy is at stake, my humble opinion….

President Akufo-Addo

I wish to commend the 80 members of Parliament of the majority caucus for calling the head of the finance minister and one of his deputies, although this move has been long overdue, it’s better late than never.

I believe this is not enough, there is this old adage in Akan that says “se wo kum ɔwɔ na w3 twa ni ti pr3ko” translated as “when you kill a snake, better chop off its head” which simply implies that if it must be done, then it has to be done well.

There is the urgent need for our President to change the face of our government to some extent, which may include the leaders of government ministries and some state agencies (ministers, deputy ministers, C.E.Os etc.). This is to make way for fresh minds and ideas to give hope and restore the confidence of the citizenry in the government and ultimately curb the present economic woes we facing as a country.

This change must focus on relevant sectors and ministries whose activities have direct and large impact on the economy. It’s a cliché there is an ongoing economic crisis worldwide which has necessitated many countries across the globe to marshal their best human resource and economic strategies to curb this growing menace, which Ghana can’t be an exception.

Our party and government have long touted and boasted of having the men. Please my able President, I believe the time has come to prove to Ghanaians we truly have the men. Common knowledge or sense tells me that, one cannot do the same thing over and over again, and still expect a different result, this is not about loyalty, relationship, determination and perseverance but about listening to the very people you swear an oath to serve and doing the needful to revive our economy.

Taking a clue from common knowledge in football, where clubs change their coaches or managers when their teams are not performing well under a particular manager, they do so not because the incumbent manager’s loyalty, relationship and love for the team is questionable but rather their strategies and tactics during such moments does not provide the needed output for the club and their fans. Take a critical observation of some of the positive outcomes in the short term when most of these changes takes place in football.

I am of the believe that the evaluation team at the presidency, the national security and the New Patriotic party should have by now furnish your office with an empirical evaluation report on the performance of your appointees, both their service to the nation and their commitment to the party (NPP), if not I will be a very sad man.

The time has come for you to change the face of our government to restore public confidence and make way for real men with fresh minds and ideas to help you revive our economy, boost investor confidence and improve your governance. Tactically this will equally give our party some competitive advantage as the time for going to the polls draw nearer.

The opposition will be bent on pointing hands to some of our incumbent public office holders who have underperformed or alleged to have engaged in some unhealthy practices. Unfortunately for them, such persons would have been back staged which will make our defense more formidable.

Like I have said repeatedly this will restore hope and public confidence in our government under your able leadership and as well mitigate the growing apathy in our party.

Mr. President, I am not an economist, a financial expert nor a soothsayer but I can confidently tell you your legacy is at stake, my humble opinion.

Author: Prince Kissi Yeboah


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