Why Rap Kowa’s Buuri Malma album launch date is a genius art of thought

BMC Rap Kowa

Music is life. It is a religion, a belief system. It is a creed but most importantly it is a culture. Today in Sirigu, BMC Rap Kowa will launch is maiden studio album titled Buuri Malma. The world is just a day away from crossing over to the 23rd year in the millennium so we look at what makes Rap Kowa’s choice of today far from a mere coincidence.

Music as a culture has garnered much attraction and resultantly; revenue for those who used it well as it has been used to promote communities, projects and life. Ask Jamaicans about music and they tell you their identity is reggae and they have for decades sold the genre to the world and when you see the Jamaican flag, aside from athletics, music tops. It is no point even arguing that music is the biggest export, and dwarfs even their track and field business.

On Friday evening, in the town of Sirigu, community in the east of the Kasena Nankana West District is one musician who has taken music to talk about his culture. He is set to launch his much awaited first studio album on December 30, 2022, just a day before we all kiss good bye to the year and its memories and pain. This day may seem just ordinary but it goes beyond just the ordinary and has deeper significance.

Rap Kowa of the Bakanyange Musci Crew (BMC) has thoughtfullly titled his album Buuri Malma, a Gurune (Frafra) term that means tradition/culture and he has also chosen this day which is the eve of the eve of the New Year. So what is the significance? Culture is a thing that is revolutionalized in several ways thanks to the invasion of technology that has but put the world on the palms of every individual. That means people are tempted to easily sway away from what defines of moulds them to pick up what they feel much comfortable with instead. This could be a blessing but it could also be a curse.

As a year ends, everyone is always enthusiastic about the new prospects. Resolutions and dreams of new things herald the crossover and people often forget what [way of life] made there get there. So this is not just a coincidence but a thoughtful act by the BMC family to revitalize the Frafra culture, to reconnect the people to their selves, to re-engage them to their realities and to re-establish them in the life that has brought them all along this far.

So Buuri Malma may just be a title and 30th December may just be an ordinary day but it goes beyond two solos intersecting to form a coincidence, it is a match of reality. A match of reassignment to the real purpose and a match of true self recollection.


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