I am the Lyrical King and I will do what kings do – Rap Kowa

BMC Rap Kowa

BMC Rap Kowa ahead of his much awaited culture-themed maiden album launch has promised his fans something huge to expect ahead of the event later tonight. The hard-hitting rapper while speaking to myactiveonline.com ahead of the event said he has carefully selected the words on each song in the 8-track album and will not disappoint.

The Porum Logoro hitmaker was bullish about his lyrical prowess and the energy he will present tonight before an expectant crowd when the album launch bells finally rung.

“I would say is that they shouldn’t expect anything than fire. This album contains eight new songs. With the eight songs, we have motivational songs, we have danceable songs, we have songs that can be related to gospels and we have songs that you will surely get so much sense from. So what I will tell them [fans] is that they should expect the best.

“As I always say, I don’t want to just come out with something and just call it a song. So anytime I am coming out with something, I come out with something good, something big. Something that my fans will listen and it will not be noise but music.

“So I want them to know that tonight eight good songs will be hitting the speakers and they will enjoy the tone, the lyrics and everything about them. They already know I am a lyrical king. When it comes to lyrics I don’t joke with lyrics because I don’t want to come out with something that someone will listen and not understand what you’re saying. So all the eight songs when you listen to them you will understand that yeah this song is talking about this [something sensible].


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