Buuri Malma has the soul and spirit of the youth and elderly – Rap Kowa gives insights ahead of album launch

BMC Rap Kowa

Nervousness, anxiety, sleepless nights and above all the hope of success which is just a thin line away from failure often marks our lives when we set out to host events and most especially when they are our first.

Sirigu-based rap talent Rap Kowa of the Bakanyange Music Crew is set to launch his maiden studio album on Friday, December 30, 2022 in Sirigu. The album titled, Buuri Malma has been in the making for some time and as we finally reach the day for the event, we decided to catch up with the musician just before he hits the stage this night to make history. In this piece, Rap Kowa, born Timothy Aberigangya spoke about the album and why he named it Buuri Malma, a Gurune (Frafra) phrase that means tradition or culture.

What is Buuri Malma the album all about?

Kowa: the Buuri Malma album talks about our tradition, our culture. Those days [our forefathers’ time] they used to value and cherish our culture but now we now have left our own culture and now cherish the western culture. So I thought it necessary to release an album that talks about culture so that I can be able to spread the information out there that we should cherish our culture. So Buuri Malma simply means our culture and tradition.

Why did you choose that name and what do you seek to achieve with that?

Kowa:  as an artist when you want to come out with something you have to observe and see what you can bring to be able to draw attention [make impact]. I planned this project for a very long time but it delayed due to some circumstances so when I finally decided it could wait no more I said I need to talk about tradition and culture [Buuri Malma]. This is because looking back at when I was a kid, things are now different because now we cherish what is brought from outside [western world] than our own. That is what primarily informed my decision to name the album Buuri Malma. And the decision to choose the cultural theme has paid off already even before the album is released. So many messages have come in from the young and the elderly all complementing my choice because they didn’t know with the type of music [rap and hip-hop] I do I would opt to talk about culture.

Is it your first album and how is the feeling?

Kowa: I have not launched an album before officially but I have been organizing shows since 2019. I had thoughts of it before but together with management we decided to hold on and build a fan base before. I have, however, released singles and have at least 12 singles to my credit. So this is officially my first album. It is a great moment and effort has been kept in is great too so the feeling is awesome but we aren’t done yet.

I have seen a long list of artistes billed for the show, how was it like getting them?

Kowa: getting my colleagues to come for the show has not been a straightforward thing. Artiste managers deal with people differently so whereas others are easy to get, some are not that easy to reach. Today is also the Upper East Music Awards and many of the artiste that wanted to come especially the top guys in the region are part of the awards. However, we still have a great line-up that will excite patrons.

What should patrons expect tonight?

Kowa: I will tell fans to expect nothing but fireworks. The album is packed with eight individual songs that range from dance tunes, to advice and even others are gospel styled. So I can promise excitement for everyone tonight. I am the lyrical king and the lyrical king can’t disappoint when he steps on the throne. So I urge all to show up and be part of this exciting moment.

Buuri Malma is going down history lane has Rap Kowa’s first official studio album and the feeling is great already about what is to come but we can’t wait for the feeling after what is to come has arrived. Join Rap Kowa and the entire Sirigu community later tonight to enjoy the cultural themed rap styled album from the Lyrical King.


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