This Is Why Most Women Are Still Single – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Rev Charlotte Oduro

The desire to settle down as a woman gets to its peak when a woman is in her prime. Many become desperate and follow every man that opens the mouth to say “I will marry you” and more often than not, such women do not take time to consider if that relationship will work. It is mostly later that they realize it will not work but then the harm has already been caused.

However, in most cases, it is observed that more of such women end up single or unmarried for several reasons that could vary per woman. Those reasons could vary ranging from the choice of partner to career.

To further explain why it mostly happens, renowned relationship counselor, Counselor Charlotte Oduro revealed in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM that ladies now are disrespectful as compared to the olden days.

She further added that women in this era who one way or the other have gained some higher forms of education or positions in the society seem to treat men as their co-equals and then eventually end up treating them anyhow.

“These days most ladies don’t respect at all. They speak any how to men when they gain a certain level of fame or education. They no longer want to ride with hustling men instead they want men who are already rich and comfortable. That’s why a lot of them are single. They don’t want to suffer from men,” she added.

Source: Naomi Martey



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