Which Aspects Of The Country Need To Be Fixed? – Medikal

AMG Medikal

Rapper AMG Medikal has waded into the #FixTheCountry trend but he wants more than just the trend. He is demanding more from those calling out on the government to fix the country to do more than just the vague hashtag. He says there are so many problems in Ghana that need fixing but alludes to the fact that they all cannot be fixed at once. What then?

Adding his voice to the campaign that has been steered by other mates in the showbiz industry, he cautioned Ghanaians to be specific about what they want to be fixed in the country. He asked the #FixTheCountry crusaders to be a bit specific with their demands so that it will be easier for them to put sufficient pressure towards is materialization. He asked, ‘what exactly?” Yes, what exactly indeed and he could be right.

The rapper and husband of Fella Makafui in a Twitter post cautioned Ghanaians to stop just pointing fingers at the government and come out specifically on what areas of the country they want to be fixed.

 According to the rapper, the problems of Ghana are so many that Ghanaians would have to identify what they want to be fixed and make it known to the government.

He tweeted, “We all want the country fixed, but what and what exactly? We need to be specific. We can strategically hit hard on every issue one after the other to see change drastically sake of the problems plenty rough!”

Source: Naomi Martey


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