I Will Choose Medikal Over Strongman Anyday – Ball J

Ball J

Renowned Ghanaian music producer and rapper has revealed who his favourite is whenever rap comes into mind. It is no secret that fans of the duo compare them and rate them over each other. It even led to ‘beef’ between them sometime back.

Speaking in an interview on  Neat FM, Ball J revealed that he is more fan of the rap of Medikal as compared to Strongman.  To support his decision, he said even though most people are of the view that Medikal doesn’t make any sensible rap, he doesn’t analyze from that perspective.

He went further to explain that he sees Medikal as a poet which others have not noticed. He added that Medikal makes rap songs full of wisdom only that he presents them in a jovial way so one might not notice the wisdom in it.

However, he stated emphatically that whenever one takes time to listen to his rap carefully, it will be realized that it depicts so much wisdom and for that reason, he will choose Medikal over Strongman man any day.

Source: Naomi Martey


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