Government lifts ban on construction of new LPG stations

Government lifts ban on construction of new LPG stations

After five years of ban on the construction of new Liquified Petroleum Gas stations across the country, it has finally been lifted by the government.

This decision is a huge sigh of relief for operators in the industry. Agitations and subsequent industrial action by the tanker drivers and LPG marketers yielded the required results prompting Cabinet in its 35th sitting held Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 to lift the ban.

 The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in communicating the cabinet’s decision said, “Cabinet has granted a special dispensation to allow the completion of the construction of stranded LPG stations across the country”.

“We are therefore requesting all OMCs/LPGMCs who were affected by this directive to resubmit their applications to the Authority,” the statement further said.

Tankers drivers embarked on a sit-down strike on August 1, 2022, and were joined by drivers of other petroleum products. The decision seems to have been a key point in forcing the government arm to lift the ban which was placed in 2017.

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