They Are Killing Us – Mozambicans Cry Loud

Mozambicans flee from unrest

The ongoing unrest in Northern Mozambique gets worse as indigenes flee their villages in numbers trying to avoid falling victim to the perpetrators. Lucas Calandra a 73-year-old from Palma, with his wife, for six days they have walked and had to go half of those days without food when they ran out of food. 

Nina Diadara, one of those who suceeded to escape her town Montepuez with her two daughters walked ten days to the nearest town without food. Speaking to a BBC journalist, the distressed but relieved mother revealed how houses have been raised down, people killed and children stolen from parents.

Both escapees hope their family members they are separated from were safe and had escaped too.

A UN World Food Program representative, Shelly Fackrell said a 15-day long supply of food is distributed to several district is insufficient not with a confirmed more than 950,000 facing hunger and trauma. 

In the meantime, the president Filipe Nyusi once more promises peace in the country. Until peace returns, the numbers swelling out of the affected areas will continue to increase and the threats of hunger is looming large and real.

By Jamila Abdul Wahab Follow on Twitter @activetvgh


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