US Supports Israel Despite Attack At The Al-Aqsa Mosque On Friday May 21 After Ceasefire


US continues to support Israel despite attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque after ceasefire

Palestinians stormed the streets of Gaza as early as 2am in the morning of May 21st, 2021  in celebration of what they chanted as victory for both them and Israel when the latter announced an official cease fire. Celebratory rocket lights were shot in the air as the people jubilated till it was time for Jumma prayers.

Israeli military stormed the sacred mosque with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets forcefully dispersing worshippers in the middle of prayers. When questioned they claimed the worshippers threw stones at them. 

Even the journalists who were present were not spared as the Israeli soldiers who were displeased with the filming by the journalists attempted to stop them.

After dispensing the worshippers, the uniformed armed men stationed themselves at the entrance with a demarcation of tear gas preventing a reentry.

Meanwhile the U.S president in a press conference affirmed once more the US stance which is, an unflinching support to Israel even though it sympathizes with the innocent Palestinians caught in the crossfire of what their terrorist group incited.

Joe Biden says if Palestinians are willing, the U.S will collaborate with other sympathizing UN members to send aid to those affected by the exchange.

By: Jamila Abdul Wahab


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