Drought and water crises hit Syria and Iraq

Drought and water crises hit Syria and Iraq

Over five million people in Syria and Iraq have been capped with severe water shortage as 13 international aid groups called the incident “unprecedented catastrophe”.

The development which was first cited by Aljazeera news saw more than 12 million people in Syria and Iraq losing access to water, food and electricity as aid groups warn of severe impact and call for urgent action to combat the severe water crisis.

Rising temperatures, low rainfall and drought are the major concerns depriving people across the region of drinking and agricultural water. Syria is said to be experiencing its worst drought of over 70 years.

International organisations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council, the Danish Refugee Council, CARE,  Action Against Hunger, and Mercy Corps, among others, warned higher temperatures caused by climate change increased the risks and severity of droughts in the region.

The changes in the climate also disrupted electricity as dams ran out of water, which in turn impacted the operation of essential infrastructure including health facilities.

As reported by Aljazeera, the water crisis was compounded by progressively decreasing water flows into the Euphrates River – which runs through both countries from Turkey – over months, falling from 500 cubic metres per second in January to 214 cubic metres per second in June 2020.

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