IMF is telling lies to Ghanaians – Isaac Adongo

IMF is telling lies to Ghanaians – Isaac Adongo

Mr Isaac Adongo, Deputy Ranking Member on the Finance Committee has expressed disappointment in the fact that the International Monetary Fund does not paint the real picture of Ghana’s economy.

The Bolga Central legislator said the IMF is hiding behind the Russia-Ukraine war to give excuses instead of revealing the real factors behind the ailing economy.

He stated that the IMF’s attempts not to create fear and panic means they are massaging the real situation on the ground.

Also, he lashed out at the government for previously colluding with IMF to paint a very bad picture of the economy adding that the New Patriotic Party should not be spared for the remarks made when the erstwhile Mahama administration went to the IMF.

“It is dishonesty for people who have profited from propaganda; people who have come to power on the back of the deception of the Ghanaian people that going to IMF defines incompetence, to now be turning around to say that we should not have that debate. Didn’t Dr Bawumia describe John Mahama with unprintable words for taking Ghana to the IMF?”

“I want to say that the NPP should bow its head in shame for bringing us here. They want to now use PR and connive with the IMF to doublespeak. The truth is that they have mismanaged the economy because the IMF has a dossier from 2019 that the country was heading in the wrong direction”, he stressed.

Chairman of the Finance Committee in Ghana’s legislature Mr Kweku Kwarteng on the hand called on critics to tone down on their critics and come on board to support the move.

The argument as to whether Ghana is strong enough to stand the pressures of seeking financial assistance should not be entertained.

“Why are we preoccupied with this? What kind of discussions do we want to have about the economy right now? I believe that our economy has been challenged but as we grow, we should learn and begin to have discussions that will make this 17th appearance, the last one. Why can’t we put those fundamental issues taking us to the IMF on the table? Why turn the debate into a blame game? Let’s correct things and focus on having helpful debates.”

The government faced criticism after its decision to head to the IMF to seek a bailout due to Ghana’s ailing economy and is expecting about $3 billion.

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