Free SHS Is Good But Poorly Implemented – Minority

parliament of Ghana

Minority MPs in Ghana’s 8th Parliament have conceded that President Akufo-Addo’s prized ‘baby’ Free SHS is good. It however said the policy has been poorly implemented.

This was contained in a statement issued by the MP for Akatsi North and Ranking Member on Education Committee of Parliament that called out the government to take steps to avert a ‘looming crisis’ in Senior High Schools.

The statement listed problems threatening the program such as funding, corruption, feeding and infrastructure. It also offered suggestions on the way forward.

Touching on the problems of the program, the statement identified infrastructure deficit as one major problem. This it said is the reason why there’s Double-Track. It also attributed it as the reason why some students in some schools have to place their mattresses on the floor to sleep due to lack of space and beds.

Noting measures to strengthen the policy, it suggested that Parents Teacher Associations be revamped to enable them assists schools in their operation as was before.

Decentralization with effective monitoring was also identified as one way to allow for flexibility for management of schools to effectively run schools. It will also reduce the corruption that came with the implementation of the program, it suggested.

The concluding part of the statement gave support to the program but criticized its implementation.

“In conclusion, its our responsibility as a people that we demand from government that the necessary steps are taken not only to improve the living conditions of our children in schools across the country but also to ensure that our children gain access to quality education in the face of this good but poorly implemented policy of the Nana Addo led government,” it concluded.

By: Clifford Adumbire |


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