EU Delivers Report And Recommendations On Ghana’s 2020 Elections

EU-Election Observer Mission to Ghana 2020

Following the successful conducting of 2020 fiercely contested elections,  four months on the European Union observer mission finally came to deliver their report to Ghanaians. In a media briefing, Chief Observer Mr Javier Nart stated that the 2020 Ghana elections was very intense, no intimidation during voting and commended Ghana for the fact that the elections met international standards.

The chief observer however raised some issues about government officials misusing state resources especially during the campaign which results in abuse of incumbency. Others were also engaging in vote-buying, sources of funding for political parties must be checked to create a level playing field for all candidates in the elections.

The European Union Election observer mission also went ahead  to make some 18 recommendations of which they consider eight of them very important for peaceful elections in Ghana.

The recommendations are ;

  • The counting and collation of election results must be done meticulously
  • Explain the results well for fairness
  • Women need to get a 30% quota in political appointments
  • Law must be established on the source of funding for political parties
  • Government officials must stop misusing state resources
  • The media must also be monitored
  • The data protection act must be strong enough.

The observer mission indicated that they will engage civil society groups and stakeholders on the implementation of these recommendations.

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By: Stella Annan | Twitter @activetvgh


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