CDD Report: NDC and NPP take sides for and against findings

CDD Report: NDC and NPP take sides for and against findings

Former Minister of Health under the erstwhile Mahama government Mr Alex Percival Segbefia has said the culture of impunity confirms the perception that the Nana Addo government is corrupt.

This claim comes at the back of a CCD report on the assessment of the 2020 election which revealed that most Ghanaians do not believe that President Akufo-Addo has the capacity to fight corruption.

Mr Segbefia explained that the finding from CDD is nothing but the truth because there is a culture of impunity when it comes to the involvement of government officials in corruption. He added that the inability of the president to prosecute his appointees who engage in corruption has empowered them and others to do more.

He expressed disappointment in the quest of the government to prosecute former appointees of the previous government, some of which he claims there are desperate attempts to punish persons involved whiles current appointees are left off the hook. He cited the trial of former CEO of Ghana Cocoa Board, Dr Stephen Kwabena Opuni as an example.

The former Health Minister described the CDD report as a wake-up call to President Akufo-Addo to punish his appointees who are found to be involved in corruption.

Meanwhile, the 2020 campaign manager of the New Patriotic Party, Mr Peter Mac Manu has described the CDD report as more of propaganda than reality.

He argued that the pre-election survey conducted by the same CDD revealed that about 55% of Ghanaians believed that president Akufo-Addo was doing well in the fight against corruption and quizzed why the sudden change.

The CDD conducted its research between May 3rd and June 3rd 2021 across the 16 regions of Ghana with a sample size of 2,400 adult respondents.

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