Akufo-Addo’s reasons made sense to us – Appiah-Kubi explains MPs’ decision to stand down

Andy Appiah-Kubi

Legislator for Asante-Akim North Andy Appiah–Kubi, a key member of the group within the Majority that wants Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta sacked has recounted how they came to a compromise on the issue after President Akufo-Addo’s intervention.

The legislator during an interview on TV3 on 27th October 2022, explained what ensued at the meeting with President Akufo-Addo.

“We came in as a section of the Majority caucus in our discourse with the press and we stated our position after a lot of consultations with  the party, public interest groups, academia and even our caucus leadership before we came out with that position”

Mr Appiah–Kubi elaborating on the turn of events said, “After that, the general caucus accepted that position in a meeting after the press conference and it became a general caucus issue to discuss the party, public and the presidency”.

He added, “At that point, my position as a spokesperson for the small group ceased”.

Detailing what transpired at the meeting with the president the legislator indicated that “In the president’s response he indicated that he has accepted our request but where we are as a nation and about the program on the table right now it will not help the national course to take the decision now because we are a week away from concluding the first phase of discussions with the International Monetary Fund and the parameters will fit into the budget”.

Responding to what happens next after discussions, the legislator said, “the position he stated is what our leadership has already advertised and what I understand is the president to be saying is that he will see to our request”  

Also, in envisaging whether the president will come with another plea after Ghana finally gets the program he assured that “the group met and what I understand is we will not move from the position we told the president as we also know the sentiments of the general public and I am sure the inner caucus will come out as a group to state our position if need be”.

“Personally, what I understand the president to be saying is that when the negotiation comes to a close he will do our bidding,” the optimistic legislator hinted.

On 25th October 2022 after Parliament’s resumption, Ghanaians were met with a threat from a section of the Majority side demanding the sacking of Finance Minister Ken Ofori–Atta. They threatened to not participate in any government business.

This necessitated a quick move by the president to meet the legislators who were not impressed with the minister’s performance.

The President succeeded in making them soften their stance to give the Finance Minister some time hence the explanation from Mr Appiah –Kubi who initially was the spokesperson of the aggrieved Members of Parliament.


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