Akufo-Addo’s comments have exposed his true character – Alhasan Suhuyini


Legislator for Tamale North, Alhassan Suhuyini has stated that President Akufo-Addo’s character has finally been exposed by his utterances.

The legislator made this pronouncement during a discussion on TV3 on 18th October 2022 in response to some of the answers the president gave during an interview he granted in the Ashanti Region where he is currently touring.

President Akufo-Addo told the people of Kumasi in an interview granted to OTEC FM, “If you decide to vote for the NDC in the general election, it is your choice and that is not my problem. No one will force you to vote for someone. No problem. I am saying people make those kinds of threats; me they don’t frighten me”.

Mr Suhuyini in expressing his thoughts on the president’s utterances said: “The president showed clearly that he does not give a toss and the arrogance, the cluelessness and dishonesty with which this government goes about their duty is nauseating and mind bugling as if they came to power with a gun in our heads and the president’s pronouncements during the said interview is no doubt in synch with his character”.

He further criticized the president saying “he deceived unsuspecting Ghanaians with his character. He no longer sits with the Teshie guys he played cards with. He now has a special chair which is carried in its V8 but I am not surprised”. 

To the legislator, the president’s difficulty to do a reshuffle stems from the fact that “he believes some people worked for him to get there so he does not give a toss. It is about loyalty to those people that is why he will look Ghanaians in the face and tell them that the Finance Minister does not deserve criticism while some are having sleepless nights due to the economy as someone is trying to balance his mortgage and also their business capital to know the value of what they can import. Unfortunately, the value of the cedi has dropped to the extent that 1 billion old Ghana cedis is now 8,300 dollars making the value of the goods reduced. Let us empathize with the people but the President does not care because Ofori-Atta is an angel”.

Mr Suhuyini also cited that former President John Mahama when he also inherited the economy was in trouble but steered it in humility, unlike the current administration. “Instead of venturing into production ventures rather spent it like a child who did not know the value of the parent’s inheritance and rather organized parties”.

The Tamale South MP concluded that “the way the economy was put on a pedestal by the previous administration if it was maintained we would have been able to absorb the economic shocks even amid Covid and Ukraine-Russia war”.


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