We Are Autonomous And Will Not Accept Any Form Of Control- Striking Lab Scientists Tell GMA


We are autonomous and you cannot control us anyhow

The Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (GAMLS), has supported the decision of its Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) chapter’s counterparts to embark on a one-week sit-down strike effective Thursday, May 20, 2021.

The KATH chapter laid down their tools on Wednesday to protest over the failure of management to reassign two specialists who were posted to the department two years ago.

GMA in response to this development cautioned that it will be forced to take action if the management of the hospital and the Ministry of Health give in to the demands of laboratory scientists.

The Medical Association argued that the lab scientists do not have the prerogative to decide who should be assigned any responsibility or where staff are to be posted to, hence cannot insist that the two medical specialists should be moved from the LSD and the Haematology Unit.

Reacting to GMA’s comments in a statement, the GAMLS stressed that it is an autonomous body and will not accept any form of control.

“As a professional body we have made our position clear, and have consistently emphasized the autonomy of our profession from any form of control from whatever source. The headship and the professional leadership of medical laboratory professionals cannot be compromised in any way. The leadership of medical laboratory science in Ghana is a sole responsibility of medical laboratory scientists. Physicians in Ghana report to and are led by physicians. Why would the GMA think medical laboratory scientists should not be led by medical laboratory scientists?”

It accused GMA and the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GCPS) of plotting to micro-manage the medical laboratories even to the district level.

The laboratory scientists further clarified that they have no problem collaborating with any group of health professionals to advance the course of patient care, only that they will not accept any form of control or capping.

“No threat in any form will compel us to change our position. The days where physicians take control of all aspect of the health profession are over,” it stressed.

It urged all members accross the country to be on hold for directives as the leadership solidarises with colleagues at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

“It is unfortunate that the statement did not address the main issue that is fuelling the impasse. We entreat all our members to be on hold as we solidarise with colleagues from the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. No one should be intimated in any way. We will fight and use all avenues available to defend the autonomy of our profession and members as well,” the statement said.

Statement from Lab Scientists

By:Stella Annan |myactiveonline.com


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