Unless Ghanaians pay more, ‘dumsor’ will return soon – Research Analyst

Unless Ghanaians pay more, ‘dumsor’ will return soon – Research Analyst

To have and be able to sustain the best energy supply and operations of the Electricity Company of Ghana, Ghanaians will have to pay more, a Research Analyst with the Institute of Energy Security, Fritz Moses has revealed saying it is woefully inadequate to sustain the Electricity Company of Ghana with the current tariffs.

According to him, the increment has become necessary to generate enough revenue to keep ECG running.

“The amount of money we pay for power in this country is woefully inadequate to sustain the operations of ECG, NEDCO and GRIDCo.”

Already, a caution had come in from the Former  Power Minister, Dr Kwabena Donkor, stating that Ghana risks returning to the dreaded days of erratic power outages known as ‘dumsor’ in the next two years if the government fails to address the issue of power generation capacity.

He said despite the fast-growing rate of power demand and consumption, there has not been a commensurate increase in supply capacity, putting the country at risk of a crisis.

The government on the other hand rebuffed his claims assuring the country will not return to the days of erratic power supply.

The IES Research Analyst says the recent power outages in the country are due to insufficient buffer supply, meagre utility tariffs and system losses.

“We do not have enough power. We may get to a position where without additional power, we may not be able to meet the entire generation’s needs of the country. If you can cut down on all these impediments, then we can generate more power.”

Recently, the Electricity Company of Ghana waged a war against 30 private and public institutions that owed it GHS120 million.

Some of the institutions include the Ghana Airport, University of Ghana, Accra International Conference Center (AICC), Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and Parliament.

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