Nurturing talents, touching lives – when PKS reached out to support, it turned gold

Daniel Nunoo (right) with Precious Kweku Senafiawo

A promise made is awesome but a promise redeemed is integrity. For a man lives not for the applauses of the moment but for the impact of the years that is timeless, ageless and ceaseless.

When the Sena Foundation together with its partners organized an inter-community football gala at Nsakina in 2021, one young man made a promise. The promise was that the most outstanding player of the tournament will be sponsored to pursue his football career.

Daniel Nunoo, the young footballer who excelled during the event emerged as the best player of the tournament and has since been sponsored to travel outside of the country to continue to road to his dream career.

Prior to his transfer out of the country, he starred for several local clubs and his talent cannot be understated and his journey to Qatar is just but the beginning of greater things to come his way. His dream has been placed on a path to realization. That is because he got in touch with his enabler. This dream could have just been a fantasy but it is becoming a reality thanks to a man with a precious love for youth support.

In every space there is always that one person who enables others to reach their dreams. They may not be the wealthiest in society or hold the biggest positions in political and social life but their hearts are bigger and deeper than the Atlantic Ocean.

Daniel Nunoo (centre) with Precious Kweku Senafiawo(right) and Mohammed Mutaru
Daniel Nunoo (middle) with Precious Kweku Senafiawo (right) and Mohammed Mutaru

Sena Foundation, the organizer of the event is owned and headed by this young man called Precious Kweku Senafiawo (PKS). On a regular day, he is just like one of us when you meet him on the road but when you get closer you will experience a heart as rich as gold and a spirit as wholesome as snow.

He opted to support the best talent of the gala to pursue his dreams not because he is wealthier than all in the community or has enough to spare, but because he believes when you help one person to achieve in life it is like planting a tree and watering it. It will one day feed a community. That is the spirit of a community-centred and people-centred person.

As he will always say, “it will make sense one day”. The decision to support Nunoo might be insignificant now and might not make sense to the masses now but definitely, one day when the star offers you light when your torch has burned off, it will make sense as to why you will always need stars at night.

It is just a matter of time and it will be your turn. For Nunoo, it is his turn so I say…..IT IS MY TURN!!!


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