Loyalty indeed pays as Pure City boss rewards a loyal staff with a brand new card

Francis Boateng with Precious Kweku Senafiawo

When people dedicate their lives to serve society and others it reaches a point everyone else including the persons themselves may have doubts over the benefits of their services and the continuous commitment.

However, the days may turn to weeks and weeks to months and finally to years, time will always come to favour trustworthiness, loyalty and dedication to service.

One such benefits was seen when Pure City International School, Ga-Odumase held its 10th anniversary celebration over the weekend. The model international school turned 10 years and it was a moment of joy.

the brand new car presented to Mr Francis Boateng for his loyal service to Pure City International School
the brand new car presented to Mr Francis Boateng for his loyal service to Pure City International School

Many people celebrated for different reasons but others had multiple reasons to do so and that includes the long-serving administrator of the school Mr Francis Boateng popularly referred to as Sir Boateng.

For his dedication to duty and service to humanity which Pure City is established to do, he was awarded a brand new car as a token of appreciation. That was enough proof that loyalty pays. Commitment pays. Dedicated service pays.

As Mr Precious Kweku Senafiawo, Director of the school presented the car to the elated Mr Boateng, all you could see was fulfilment on both faces. A leader who is fulfilled to say thank you to his follower for years of dedicated service and unrivalled loyalty. The other, a fulfilled Mr Boateng who has lived to witness the adage, “loyalty pays”.

A message to the Comrades:

I, Mr Precious Senafiawo, would want to use this medium to thank all comrades who supported the event. All who have supported the dream of Pure City and have continued to support me and my other ventures. The fruits of your labour may not be right here right now but as time passes and man lives, your time is coming to harvest from the fields of your dedication, loyalty and service.

Thank you all my beloved comrades for turning up for me and Pure City. I am grateful. We’re grateful. As Chief One says, “Turn by turn”.
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