Mixed reactions meet Achimota School’s decision to continue ‘war’ with Rasta students

Mixed reactions meet Achimota School’s decision to continue ‘war’ with Rasta students

The decision by Achimota School to appeal the initial ruling of the High Court to admit the two Rastafarian students Tyrone  Marghuy and Kwaku Nkrabeah has been met with mixed reactions.

For Nkrabeah’s father, Mr Ras Nkraabea, despite these situations going on, he is more concerned about the stability of his child that is why currently he has withdrawn his child from the school and taken him to Ghana International School and in fact, it was revealed that Tyrone Marghuy could join soon at the school.

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Executive director of the Africa Education Watch Mr Kofi Asare is also of the view that this decision could affect the psyche of especially Tyrone Marghuy knowing that moves are being made to prevent him from enjoying his right to education “in fact he will not feel comfortable,” r Kofi Asare said.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for Iras Marghuy, Mr Wayo Ghanamante did not mince words in expressing his disappointment at the Attorney General for appealing the initial decision at the Appeal Court.

Mr Bright Appiah of Child Rights International also says his organization will go at length to ensure the fundamental rights of the child is respected.

This issue about the admission tussle came up about five months ago which got the nation talking especially on social media with Ghanaians either expressing their views for or against the subject.

But the issue is, as Ghana waits for finality to be brought to this matter how are they ensuring that it does not affect the students in any way and when will the admission guidelines for heads of schools promised by the education minister be brought to aid headmasters and mistresses when admitting students?

By: Stella Annan | myactiveonline.com Twitter @activetvgh

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