I Will Walk Out Of This Studio -Koku Anyidoho Threatens Nana Aba Anamoah


Suspended NDC’s former deputy secretary Koku Anyidoho for obvious reasons has made headlines recently concerning his failing marriage. And if anyone thought it was a joke, that was wrong. Koku Anyidoho during an interview with ace broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah threatened to walk out of the interview.

The host asked Anyidoho if he had wished his wife on International Women’s Day. That was what irked the vociferous former NDC Deputy Scribe to pack his things ready to walk out before deciding against it after an apology from Nana Aba.

In an interview with Nana Aba Anamoah in the studios of Starr FM, Nana Aba asked him if he took the chance to wish his wife well on the 8th of March during the International Women’s Day celebration. This question didn’t seem to have went well with him and he stood up from his chair and started packing his things to exit the show. 

Nana: did you wish your female friends a happy International Women’s Day?

Koku: those that I could reach I did.

Nana: did you wish your wife?

Koku: I will walk out of this studio. Don’t annoy me. Do not.

He then proceeded to pack his things in order to walk before settling back on his seat after Nana Aba apologized.

Marital Problems

The evidence is very clear that he is never happy with the mere mention of the name of his wife. This could be attributed to earlier reports which said he had sacked his wife from their matrimonial home after they lost their daughter, Sitsofe in an accident. Koko according to reports accused the wife of being behind the misfortune and thus decided to dissolve their union.

Jennifer Abena Boahemaa is reported to have accused her husband of neglect when she and the children had the accident. It was on their way back to Accra from a visit to Koku’s home town that the incident which claimed the life of their 8-year old daughter occurred. Koku allegedly went for the children, sending one (Sitsofe) to the mortuary and Kofi, the surviving one home. But the wife was left to her fate. Koku then later added to her woes by sending her belongings to her in a Kia truck through an unknown driver.

It is obvious from his action during the interview that he wants to have nothing doing with Jennifer anymore, not even her name.

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Source: Naomi Martey


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