22-year-old missing boy found dead in a river

22-year-old missing boy found dead in a river

A 22-year-old boy identified as Felix Blemator who went missing on Saturday, August 7 2021, has been found dead in a river three days after his disappearance.

The sad incident occurred at Assin Dompim in the Assin Fosu Municipality in the Central Region. According to NAP Radio’s Oheneba Ambrose, from the information gathered, Mr Blemator who works with the Ghana Cocoa Board on Cocoa Rehabilitation Project goes to work using a bicycle and often sets off to the house after work before his other colleagues. So on Saturday when he was not around after work, they presumed he had already gone home.

But it was later revealed that he wasn’t at home after his brother whom he stays with came back from a journey and didn’t find him [Clement] at home. He then enquired from the now-deceased work colleagues as to if they knew his whereabouts but none could tell.

A report was later made to the Assin Fosu Charge Office and the community embarked on the search for the missing young man. He was later found today, Monday, August 9 2021, floating in the Ongwa River at the Assin Dompim. Alarmed was raised and the matter was reported to both traditional authorities and the Police.

According to an eyewitness report, a libation was poured before the body was extracted from the river. The Police then conveyed it to the St. Francis Xavier Hospital where it has been deposited awaiting autopsy.

Members of the community are however alarmed as to what might have caused the death of the young man with some suspecting foul play somewhere as others think he might just have drowned in the river naturally. According to reports, the boy acquired a rice farm around the river to start a rice farm so they suspect he might have gone there to check the land after closing from work on the Saturday before meeting his untimely demise.

He was found in his Nika shorts in the water and his long sleeves shirt as well as the Wellington boots he uses to go to work were also found at the scene. Investigations are accordingly ongoing to unravel the mysterious death of the boy in the river.

Source: Oheneba Ambrose | NAP Radio

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