Where is the hope? – Abraham Amaliba asks Akufo-Addo

Lawyer Abraham Amaliba

Director of Legal Affairs of the National Democratic Congress, lawyer Abraham Amaliba has lashed out at the government over the woeful economic performance.

Chastising the government during a discussion on TV3 on 14th  October 2022, he said “hunger induced by poverty and poverty induced by the government cannot make someone get up in the morning and be smiling and does not also make a sane man sane then you tell me to be hopeful how do I become hopeful if the environment is not conducive enough for me to be hopeful? That is why your Kayayei told you that the closure of shops in Kumasi has rendered them jobless. How do we invent this hopefulness?” he asked.

“You have a mediocre president superintending over his mediocre ministers when there were calls for him to reshuffle, he said his ministers are doing well, is that what is on the ground? How can all your ministers be doing well, are they angels? You have a mediocre president who is not in touch with issues on the ground  and is responding to the people that his ministers are doing well, why do we find ourselves in such a situation?” 

“Reshuffle! You do not throw them away, you can take them to another ministry. You are sitting in the cabinet meeting and your Ministers ideas are stale, no fresh ideas.’’

Citing the Health Minister’s vaccine scandal for instance and some of his utterances, Mr Amaliba said these are an admission of failure why can’t he be reshuffled?

“Didn’t the Finance Minister say we will not go to IMF, today who is there leading negotiations? These people are toying with our country. In some countries this government would have been a goner,” he fumed.

He also questions what is unsavoury about his comment when there is hunger. “People are hungry you can’t talk about it, look the inflation is at an all-time high in 21 years. Things are not adding up so if you look at all these indicators and we have been downgraded to a junk status you have a president who looks you in the eye and tells those who are calling in him to reshuffle that all his ministers have done well are we serious as a country so let us not massage the facts let us speak to the powers that be and let them know that this hunger does not know if you are NDC or NPP except those who are close to the corridors of power”.

“So if we are insensitive to the plight of the people and you tell them when they wake up and wash their faces they should be hopeful, where is that hope going to come from? A minister who says he stopped thinking, is that hope going to come from a president who says that all his minister are doing well?” Mr Amaliba.


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