Unregistered SIM cards will be blocked after October 31 – Communication Ministry

SIM Cards

Those who have commenced their sim registration but are yet to complete it have been granted a grace period by the government.

The grace period for such subscribers spans till October 31st when they will be blocked if they fail to complete the registration exercise following the expiration of the September 30th deadline.

According to the Communication ministry, this is not an extension of the deadline but a moratorium to encourage those who are yet to register to come out in their numbers to register.

Also, the government insists that there will be a progressive blocking of sim cards after the deadline.

So far  28,959,006 SIM cards have been linked to Ghana Card which is the first phase of the registration process, the Ministry revealed in its statement. The figure makes up for 67.28% of the 42,749,662 total SIM cards issued nationally.

Currently, the total number of cards fully registered is 18,930,664, constituting 44.28% of the cards issued.

Meanwhile, users of data-only services such as Surfline, Busy Internet, Telesol, and any institution such as ECG have been advised to make sure their registration is completed before the end of November.

The Ministry also indicated that it has not lost sight of the cumbersome nature involved to acquire a Ghana card before one can register his or her SIM Card.

According to the ministry, about 1.3 million Ghanaians have been issued their Ghana card but are yet to collect them.

The Ministry assured that it will liaise with the National Identification  Authority to hasten the process a bit.


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