There needs to be a national discourse about the labour agitations – Austin Gamey

Austin Gamey - Labour Consultant

Labour consultant, Mr Austin Gamey insists there should be a national discourse to address the pockets of agitations on the labour front.

Mr Gamey in his assessment of the ongoing labour issues said on TV3 on 19th October 2022, “I think the opportunity for organized labour to lead this crusade by taking advantage of section 113 of the labour act and clearly at this point is not just about a normal meeting but a national tripartite committee meeting to talk about the importance of the national economy as it affects the working people in the country”.

According to Mr Gamey, “it is not only public sector workers that are worried. I am an employer myself and I know how people are suffering so it is important they go to that meeting and let every card face up and make sure they have a good conversation just like what former President Mahama did which culminated in Senchi. So we must open up space for a good conversation about what is happening in the economy”.

To steer a purposeful meeting he added that “let us not be immediately troubled by who did what. Let us get to the meeting. Like the ones I was present, let us be extremely frank as government meet people from all sectors of the nation’s life were there and there was a good brainstorming session like in the era of Mahama where there was no difference, everything was clear on the table so the authorities open up”. 

On the role labour unions need to play, Mr Gamey stated said, “I think labour owes us the duty by way of calling for the national tripartite meeting under section 113 subsection c of the labour act on how the economy is affecting all of us and this must be a broad-based conversation where all interest parties in labour will be seated and everything will be up and illuminated so that everybody will see who is saying what for appropriate responses”.

He reiterated that “questions should be asked without inhibition so that at the end of the day we come up with a solution that will satisfy the needs of all the people”.


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