Apaak backs teachers resistance to Dr Eric Nkansah’s appointment


According to Dr Apaak, appointing Dr Eric Nkansah as Director-General of the GES is like putting a round peg in a square hole, this, he said is the reason for his support of the teacher unions resistance.

Legislator for Builsa South, Dr Clement Apaak has supported the complaints of the Teacher Unions over the appointment of Dr Eric Nkansah as the new Director–General of the Ghana Education Service.

Dr Apaak stated his reasons for agreeing with the stance of the teacher unions during an interview on Citi TV on 24th October 2022.

“I agree with the teacher unions because when they measure Dr Eric Nkransah’s experience to that of his predecessor Prof Opoku Amankwaa and they having evidence to the effect that he only had a fleeting stint with teaching as indeed he is a professional banker you do not expect them not to have qualms with the appointment although they do not have the power to dictate to the president who he should appoint or recommend,” he stated.

The Deputy Ranking member of the Education Committee in Parliament in justifying the stance of the teacher unions explained that “ So the argument of the teacher unions is though they are no opposed to the president’s appointment they expect the president to appoint someone from within our profession”.

Dr Appak added that “If for nothing at all like they have argued bring people from within to head the GES gives them the motivation and the hope that by hard work and loyalty they can also lead the profession they have chosen for themselves one day and I think they have a very cogent argument and that is why I agree with the call they are making”.

He further explained that “this is not about Dr Nkansah as an individual, it is about a principle a profession is trying to protect itself from being shortchanged by people who chose different professions but due to political connections are imposed on them”.

On the issue of Dr Nkansah having at least 15 years of teaching experience, Dr Apaak argued that “I have not seen evidence to that effect and I have no reason to doubt the teacher unions as well because I do not believe they are doing what they are doing because they do not like Dr Nkansah they are doing that based on principle and I agree with the principles what the government did tends to put square pegs in round holes”.

He also opined that “you cannot tell us that given the background he was more qualified than other persons within”.

Dr Apaak also advised Dr Nkansah in his engagement with the teacher unions to try and find a way to calm down the misgivings they have towards his appointment.

Dr Apaak’s argument is based on the teacher unions resistance to the appointment of Dr Eric Nkansah as a replacement for Prof Opoku Amankwaa who was sacked by President Akufo-Addo on 17th October 2022.


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