My Two Failed Marriages Changed Me For Good – Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle

Gambia actress and TV personality Princess Shyngle, has taken to social media to share an experience. The actress with the stunning body shape has married twice but none worked out well.

She recently announced the breakdown of her two-month-old marriage. She confessed that she has gone through a lot as a result and has shared the decision she took to get her back on her feet.

Giving reasons for her decision to call the recent marriage quits, she said her now ex-husband, Bala Gaye was a woman beater. He assaulted her very often since she settled down with him.

According to her, her ex-husband abused her several times and she could no longer take it, hence the reason to divorce him.

She finally revealed on her Instagram page that she misused the exposure she had on social media by posting stuff relating to her relationship on social media. This was despite all efforts by loved ones to get her to stop exposing her private life in public.

She added that not paying heed to this advice has cost her so much including her marriage on two consecutive times. For that reason, she has turned a new leaf and now she wouldn’t post anything about her life on social media anymore.

However, she also revealed that she is not in the state to consider any relationship as it stands now. Her new focus according to her is to concentrate on building her life and career.

Amidst tears, she said, “I agree that putting everything out on social media caused my marriage to fail…This is honestly the last time in my history that I will ever put anything about my life on social media…Honestly, sometimes I feel like I have a connection with my followers because, in as much as I have followers, I’m always in my DM talking to my followers.”

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