Akufo-Addo has no sympathy for Ghanaians – Avraham Ben Moshe

Avraham Ben Moshe

Avraham Ben Moshe has questioned the government’s decision to sell the Saglemi Housing Project to a private state developer instead of completing it for the purpose for which it was started.

The Minister for Works and Housing, Francis Asenso Boakye, revealed at a meet the press session in Accra on Sunday, November 13, 2022, that the government is exhausted and handicapped and can’t make further commitments to the Saglemi project.

speaking with Clement Annor on 17th November 2022 in an interview on the Is This Ghana? show, Mr Ben Moshe expressed his misgiving about the decision to hand over the project to a private developer to complete he made he aired his views concerning the selling of the Saglemi Housing Project to a private developer.

He said the government have made Ghanaians wise in the sense that they have played with our minds for a long time. He claimed that the people responsible are not selling anything to any private investors but to themselves.

“The government have played with our minds and it is making we the citizens wise. They are not selling anything to any private investors but rather themselves since they said they will buy it back without any profit .“

He later went ahead to talk about the NPP government that when it was in opposition called the NDC incompetent but yet the NPP government has shown real incompetence since taking over in 2017.

“NPP came into power calling the NDC incompetent. He[John Mahama] doesn’t know what he is about and what he is doing”.

He also argued that the president does not have sympathy for the poor people as he still insists on building a national cathedral whilst people are unemployed and have nowhere to sleep.

“You took money to build a national cathedral and demolished a passport office and rebuild it again. You do not even think about the poor and where they will sleep and the high rate of employment but you are taking huge sums of money to build a national cathedral,” he fumed.

By: Selasie Adjah


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