Stonebwoy Acquires Expensive Jewelry From UK’s Top Jeweler Frost

Stonebwoy-Joseph Frost

Bhim Nation president Stonebwoy has acquired for himself some new jewelry from London’s top jeweler Frost. Stonebwoy showcased his new luxury jewel via Instagram.

He posted pictures of his acquisition and others of him being decorated with the jewels by the top jeweler.

During his visit to the United Kingdom, Stonebwoy treated himself to a new set of jewelry from the country’s top jeweler, Joseph Frost.

Stonebwoy with Joseph Frost
Stonebwoy with Joseph Frost
Stonebwoy with the Jewelry in his hand
Stonebwoy with the Jewelry in his hand

Gold and silver chains and bracelets were said to be part of the jewelry purchased by the Bhim Nation President on his recent visit to the United Kingdom.

To give him the honor that is due him, the renowned jeweler chose to put the chain around Stonebwoy’s neck.

Source: Naomi Martey


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