Andy Dosty Sabotaged My Music Career – Okese 1


The Andy Dosty – Okese 1 controversy may be off the trends now but the pain and hurt of it still linger in the hearts of one of them.

Recounting the events of the controversies brings chokes and sourness to Okese 1 who now accuses Andy of his current predicament in the industry. He claims it has stagnated his career.

Going back to what happened between the duo, Andy Dosty sacked Okese 1 for showing up late for his interview as well as disrespecting him in the process. The manner of the sacking caught the attention of many as the video went viral online. Many took the side of Okese 1and saying Andy would not have done the same were it an A-list artiste. Some others supported Andy and lauded him for trying to instil discipline in the industry.

However, during an Interview on KingdomPlus Fm Okese 1 stated that the issue has tarnished his hard-earned image and has affected his musical career. He claims his snub from the 2021 VGMA is all down to that particular act of Andy Dosty.

Okese 1 claimed that Andy is part of the board of VGMA and is the reason he was snubbed. According to him his song “Yie Yie” did all the work in the year under consideration and thus is surprising not to get noticed if not for the work of the DJ.

According to the musician, Andy Dosty warned he was going to stop all DJs from playing any of his songs which he believed he did. He however said he knows where he is heading and doesn’t want to remain stagnant on that controversy.

Source: Naomi Martey


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