How Nana Agradaa successfully executed Sika Gari part two

How Nana Agradaa successfully executed Sika Gari part two

Former fetish priestess now turned evangelist Patricia Asiedua alias Nana Agradaa was arrested yesterday by police for an alleged money doubling scam. She was accused by her church members of deception and scamming them of their money. But what actually happened? We explain all that in this article.

Patricia Asiedua popularly called Mama Pat since her sudden jump from being a fetish priestess to a self-styled prophetess has led a large congregation at her Weija-based Heaven Way Church. Just as she was controversial in her former profession as a fetish priestess, she was now a public controversial figure but this time with a microphone that echoes out ‘Jesus’ intermittently amidst loud cheers from a congregation that has many people in it for various reasons.

Mama Pat, according to her congregation promised to give out GHS300,000 on Saturday and to double any amount people will give to her in church on that day. Her congregation believed.

Why did they believe? Because she has given out money to some of her congregants in the church in the presence of everyone and flickering camera lights so this was not new. The money-doubling part is what we have not seen her do in the church but the members probably believed because even the Bible rebukes people who failed to believe the prophets. It says in Luke 24:25, “And He said to them, ‘O foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken!'”. So they believed and some went home to borrow, others cleared all their savings and those who had enough took as much as possible to go and get more. Do you blame them? No, Ghana is hot.

So after giving the money to Mama Pat, she, according to the enraged church members did not fulfil her promise as she exited the church that day. The members didn’t take that lightly as they accused her of the crimes of scam and deception.

Police involvement

Police saw the video circulating online about the incident and warned the public not to take the laws into their own hands. Police requested for assistance in a post on its Facebook post.

“The Police have commenced investigation into alleged money doubling scam allegedly perpetrated against some members of the Heaven Way Church in Weija, Accra, by the founder of the church Patricia Asiedua.

“The investigation was initiated following reports that have come to the attention of the Police on the matter.

“We would like to urge anyone with information that can assist the investigation to report to the Accra Regional Police Command at Accra Central close to the COCOBOD building.

“While investigation continues, we urge everyone, especially those who might have been affected to remain calm and not take the law into their own hands,” the statement concluded.

That statement was made on Saturday, a few minutes before 12 midnight. However, on Sunday at 1:51 pm, the police announced her arrest.

It said, “The Police have arrested Patricia Asiedua alias Nana Agradaa following allegations of money doubling scam levelled against her by some members of the public.

“The suspect is currently assisting police investigation.

“Anyone who is a victim of the alleged money doubling scam should report to the Accra Regional Police Command for further action to assist the investigation.”

How did she use the church to scam people?

Patricia Asiedua, prior to her conversion to Christianity was a famed fetish priestess and had gained popularity for many controversial reasons including money doubling in the popular ‘Sika Gari’ programme she hosted on her Thunder and Ice TV stations.

The stations were closed down and she was arrested but later granted a self-cognisance bail by the Accra Circuit Court to the tune of GHS500,000. She later on Tuesday, April 28, announced that she has repented from her ways and has stopped the worship of gods to worship God.

However, even before the April 28 press conference, she had started her own church and popular blogger Mama Ngege who leaked it first warned the Ghana police of another plot to scam people but this time in the name of preaching the gospel.

She posted on Instagram, Attention Ghana Police Service Cop Nathan Kofi Boakye Ghana Police Service DCOP Nathan Kofi Boakye 4 IGP Must you allow this woman to open a church to scam people again? This is robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

In August this year, Evangelist Mama Pat was ordained as an Apostle of Christ with several notable ‘celebrity’ men of God such as Computer Man attending the ceremony. She used the occasion to commission an ultra-modern church auditorium to befit her new status as an Apostle.

Fast forward to October, she allegedly scammed her church members and was arrested by the police. ‘Sika Gari’ part two was successfully executed under the watch of Ghana’s security and the victims are people who either had watched or read news reports about her previous activities and have a good grasps of her history.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children,” Hosea 4:6.

Surely the script for part three is being written even as she spends time in police custody and who knows, she could be taking it to the next level by starting a school, entering into politics or just something else that would ensure part three is even bigger.

Are you ready for part 3?

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