Dr Pushkin drops possible Outlandish cover art, promises to drop track list soon

Dr Pushkin's Outlandish album cover art concept

Ghanaian musician Dr Paul Azunre known as Dr Pushkin has shared some possible artworks to his upcoming Outlandish album.

In a post shared on the Facebook page of Isolirium and shared by Dr Pushkin, six different options of cover art are available and fans have the chance to recommend their favourite.

The cover art concept which were then subsequently posted by the Need You singer has gathered over 20 comments with different suggestions as the time of writing this post.

All six cover art concepts speak of different stories with one of them which seemingly has many comments picking being one that has a boy standing in front of a water body. Some of the users of commented said it traces his roots to the three countries that shaped his life; Ghana, Russia and the USA and thus should be selected.

Dr Pushkin's Outlandish album cover art concept
Dr Pushkin's Outlandish album cover art concept

Meanwhile, he has said he will release the track list for Outlandish album next week. The album is set to be released on January 26, 2023 and contains 17 tracks featuring some heavyweight artistes.


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